BW PortraitEmma Gregory is a Toronto-born jewellery artist based in Antwerp, whose work explores the possibilities of (re-)creating music in three dimensions.

Electronic dance music is a popular yet relatively new genre, tracing its beginnings to the 1960s and 70s from which it began multiplying into the countless sub-genres of today. It is created almost entirely by using computers and computer software, features a regular 4/4 beat, and often sounds energetic and exciting.

As part of her Masters thesis, Emma created her own way of interpreting this high-energy music into jewellery. A master-class on typography and writing systems gave her the opportunity to develop a unique form of musical notation for electronic dance music, which she then used as a basis for creating her work – long chains that can be wrapped around the wearer, each link and element representing a ‘bar’ or 4 beats of the music, each circle or line relating to the percussion or harmonies respectively.

Emma has been living in Belgium since she was seven years old. She began her studies at the Glasgow School of Art, obtaining a first class honours degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design, before moving to Germany to complete a state certification at the Goldschmiedeschule in Pforzheim. In 2018 she graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp with a Masters degree in Visual Arts, specification Jewellery Design, Gold- and Silversmithing.

‘Polyrhythmic’ reflects her observations of the tension between the human responsiveness to music through the use of technology and machines, and is made entirely of highly polished laser-welded stainless steel wires. She continues to be inspired by her favourite producers, including (but not limited to) Pendulum, Noisia, Knife Party, and Nero.